Transition Planning for Students who are DeafBlind

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This monograph has assembled together student and parent biblioesssays, position papers and reflective commentary from professionals who work with deafblind students. For the students profiled in this monograph, like many deafblind students, access to academic achievement was often met with obstacles due to low expectations, inadequate support services and misgivings concerning the ambiguous characterization of deafblind individuals. The goal of this monograph is to open a dialogue among students, family members and professionals regarding the attested state of education for deafblind students whose academic potential is predicated on how they are viewed within the education system especially and society in general. This sample grouping of bright deafblind students offers a foundation for evidence based research in the area of curriculum design which recognizes academic potential in all students irrespective of severity of disability or level of support required. This monograph contains the following chapters: (1) History of DeafBlindness; (2) Who are the DeafBlind?; (3) Aids and Devices; (4) Mental Health Counseling; (5) Orientation and Mobility; (6) Independent Living; (7) Transition Success; (8) Emergency Preparedness; (9) Student Perspectives; (10) Parent Perspectives; (11) Framework for Positive Outcomes; and (12) Considering the Impact. A glossary and epilogue are included. Individual chapters contain tables, resources, and appendices.

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