A multimodal network board game system for blind people

SID > A multimodal network board game system for blind people


  • Nicholas Caporusso
  • Lusine Mkrtchyan
  • Leonardo Badia





Descripción física

pp. 104-108



Computer networks and especially the Internet have significantly influenced the diffusion of online games through remote opponents. However, the usual interfaces for board games are based on the visual channel. For example, they require players to check their moves on a video display and to interact using pointing devices, e.g., a mouse. Hence, they are not suitable for the people who have visual impairments. The present paper discusses a multipurpose system for board games that allows blind and deafblind people playing chess or other board games over a network. In particular, we describe a prototype of a special interactive haptic device to play online board games receiving feedback about the game on a dual tactile feedback.

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