El Gobierno español aprueba la estrategia sobre discapacidad 2012-2020 / Spanish government approves the Spanish Disability Strategy 2012-2020



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El viernes 14 de octubre, el Consejo de Ministros español aprobó la Estrategia Española sobre Discapacidad 2012-2020, con el objetivo de ofrecer un marco y una guía para todas las políticas sobre discapacidad desarrolladas en España.


On Friday October 14th, the Spanish Council of Ministers approved the Spanish Strategy on Disability 2012-2020, which aims to provide a framework and guideline to all disability policies developed in Spain.

As explained by the government spokesman, Jose Blanco, at the press conference after the meeting of the Cabinet, the approved document will count on an action plan to address different situations in order to remove barriers in areas like employment, social protection or participation in public life.

The strategy is based on principles such as non-discrimination, equal treatment before the law and equal opportunities, independent living, standardisation, universal accessibility, design for all, civil dialogue, mainstreaming disability policies, participation or public accountability, and others.

Its main objective is, as stated by the Government, to ensure that all people with disabilities enjoy all their rights and that society as a whole will benefit from their contribution to the economy and social life.

The document defines strategic measures that are divided into tasks and actions focused primarily on the labor market, education and poverty and social exclusion.

The implementation will be carried out in two stages: an initial stage – from 2012 to 2015 – and a final stage – from 2016 to 2020. Monitoring and control of the Strategy will be ensured by the National Council on Disability.

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