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Welcome to the Munroe-Meyer Institute (MMI) website. The Institute is located in Omaha, Nebraska on the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) campus. MMI is a federally designated University Center of Excellence for Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service (UCEDD). MMI specializes in providing services and support for persons with genetic disorders and developmental disabilities. Our education, research, training, and clinical service programs are provided in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment. Since becoming part of UNMC in 1968, the Munroe-Meyer Institute has provided statewide services to individuals with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, and special healthcare needs. MMI provides state of the art genetic and molecular genetics laboratory services. MMI also supports individuals and families in finding services in their local communities.

As an academic unit at UNMC, MMI provides advanced disciplinary and interdisciplinary educational programs to students in over 15 disciplines and programs. The Institute’s mission includes a strong commitment to applied and basic research conducted by faculty and staff in all of MMI’s disciplines and programs related to the prevention and treatment of genetic disorders and developmental disabilities.

MMI provides state-wide technical assistance and consultation to public schools and other programs providing services to children, youth and adults with disabilities. We look forward to being a resource for you and your family.

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