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EU-NN was established in 2009 by the initiative of several European sleep specialists with special interest in narcolepsy. Since then, EU-NN organizes public and scientific events across Europe. One of the major events is the European Narcolepsy Day, organized on March 21th in a European city.

EU-NN has 23 Members, representing all major European sleep laboratories involved in the diagnosis and treatment of narcolepsy as well as narcolepsy research.

EU-NN has established a European Narcolepsy Patient Database, where all possible information about patients diagnosed in Europe are centralized, to help better characterization, evaluation, treatment, and to help research in the field.

EU-NN has also sponsored several important research projects by Europen sleep laboratories, leading to major discoveries.

EU-NN is also involved at the European level in all potential medical regulations in the diagnosis and treatment of narcolepsy.

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Prof. Dr. med G. Mayer
Department o Neurology
Hephata Klinik
Schwalmstadt - Treysa, Germany



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